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Welcome to the world of hands-free, real-time and immersive news, designed for the next generation of digital experience.

Using voice narration, voice control, ai search technology and machine learning, AI World News lets you multitask while keeping up to date with all the latest.

AI News generates a personalized video stream with voice narration, high-resolution multimedia and interactive graphics, delivering a unique entertaining experience while detaching users from all input devices.

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24/7 real-time
Lightning speed news updates
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AI World News crawls national content for 70+ Countries
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AI Search engine
Processes millions of articles every day
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AI World News generates an automated video stream
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Clearly this is a game-changer. These guys really took it to the next level. I highly recommend checking this out.

cda2005 AiWN user

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Free your hands!
Follow the news and your interests wherever you are, whether on the move in your car, in front of your smart TV, immersed in Virtual Reality or cradling your smart phone.
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New  browsing experience
AI World News comes in a familiar media player format which, when coupled with our interactive chatbot and high definition multimedia, offers an unparalleled content consuming experience.
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Advanced search technology
Using advanced search technology, AI World News scours the digital landscape for relevant content across 70+ countries and in 30+ languages.

Your personal news broadcaster

Meet your Ai chatbot assistant

Our chatbot assistant is always at hand to help you discover the news that interests YOU, while at the same time learning YOUR habits.

Using advanced search technology, AI World News scours the digital landscape for relevant content across 70+ countries and in 30+ languages. Our intelligent search engine processes millions of articles daily, ranking and categorizing them, always ready with the latest content.

This huge store of content is then filtered according to the user’s preferences and presented in real-time.

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Our users say..

Thank you all
There are many reasons why I rate this a Top Notch Amazing 5 $tar app! All the news sources in one app. I love to listen to the news while I drive
I am getting addicted to this app! It gets me all the news I want and more! The interface works a treat, just swipe or not  it takes you to next topic. After having used this now for a couple of weeks, it has never failed to bring me to the right source! If I could give more stars than 5 I would!
What a piece of kit!!!!! I love the chatbot, just say any subject you are interested in and it bring it up.From beer to movies and tables to Trump, no matter what you ask it will get you the info !!! I haven’t seen such a gorgeous design.
     by ALEKS_LIT